SSL certificates for all custom domains

All custom domains configured to be used on will now also have a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate created within 24 hours for use on the domain.   This means by default these websites will be accessed securely.

Once an SSL certificate has been generated all http:// requests will be redirected over the https:// version of your custom website address.

More information:

Spam comment deletion

On the first day of the month, any comments that have been marked as spam will be deleted. Please note this does not affect comments which are awaiting moderation.

For further information on how to prevent and handle spam comments, see:
NB: Due to changes in how Akismet works various sites that have Comments enabled do not have spam protection properly configured.

Handling spam comments

If you are receiving spam emails relating to comments on your blog you can choose to disable comments on your blog or to enable and configure third party spam prevention services, such as Akismet:

How to manage comments

Combating Comment Spam:

If you decide to continue to use comments functionality the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin is already activated and installed on your site. You can further configure this plugin from here: Dashboard > Settings > Akismet.

How can I add Javascript to a page or post

You can make use of a plugin ‘Simple Custom CSS and JS’, which will allow you to edit your custom Javascript directly in the WordPress interface.

You will need to be a site administrator of the website to enable and use this plugin.

  1. Log in
  2. Click Plugins
  3. Search for ‘Simple Custom CSS and JS
  4. Click Activate

More information can be found here