WordPress 4.9 Release Candidate 3 available on the demo site

While connected to the University of Bristol network, you can preview the next major release of WordPress on the demo site.  Interested users should visit – https://blogs-demo.rit.bris.ac.uk or to check a specific demo site visit the version of the domain, e.g. example.blogs-demo.rit.bris.ac.uk or www-example-com.blogs-demo.rit.bris.ac.uk.

More information about the changes in the latest release can be found here:

WordPress 4.9 Release Candidate 3

SSL certificates for all custom domains

All custom domains configured to be used on blogs.ilrt.org will now also have a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate created within 24 hours for use on the domain.   This means by default these websites will be accessed securely.

Once an SSL certificate has been generated all http:// requests will be redirected over the https:// version of your custom website address.

More information:

Canvas theme ‘end of life’ notification

The developers of the commercial theme Canvas has issued a notification that the theme will n longer be supported after Aug 20th, 2018.

Further information can be found here: http://mailchi.mp/woocommerce/canvas-no-longer-selling?e=2994d2863b

Alternative themes are available from within the dashboard area. Plus you can request that additional themes are installed from https://wordpress.org/themes/

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