Display Widgets plugin has been removed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the plugin has been removed from the blogs.ilrt.org site.

Alternative plugins can be found on wordpress.org. If you require a new plugin to be installed contact service desk with your request: https://blogs.ilrt.org/how-to-get-help/

Further information with regards to this plugin’s removal can be found here:

The Display Widgets plugin has been removed from WordPress plugin repository and has been reported to have been used to share spam content.

Spam comment deletion

On the first day of the month, any comments that have been marked as spam will be deleted. Please note this does not affect comments which are awaiting moderation.

For further information on how to prevent and handle spam comments, see: https://blogs.ilrt.org/2017/05/23/handling-spam-comments/
NB: Due to changes in how Akismet works various sites that have Comments enabled do not have spam protection properly configured.